Camp Ewalu’s Day Camps are an exciting way to partner with energetic youth ministry staff from camp, for your summer VBS (Vacation Bible School) program! As a blend of outdoor ministry and congregational VBS ministry, one of the important goals of an Ewalu Day Camp is to build stronger connections between kids and your church. Our Day Camp staff teams, together with members of your congregation, will serve together in partnership. We will bring you lots of energy, new ideas, group leadership, and fun activities. Your church’s participation enables your youth and adults to build relationships that will continue well after the week concludes.

How Do Day Camps Work?

Designed for children completing Kindergarten through fifth grade, the program is open to any child in the community, regardless of church membership. It can be a powerful opportunity for evangelism and outreach in your community, hosted by your church.

The Ewalu Day Camp team (trained, college-age summer youth ministry staff) lead the main activities through the day. These caring, trained, committed young adults have tremendous energy for leading Bible studies, worship, songs, skits, crafts, and recreation. Meanwhile, your congregational leaders and volunteers offer their assistance and leadership, as well as knowledge of your church’s needs and community resources. All in all, this is truly a team effort in which the Ewalu camp staff, church volunteers, campers, and parents serve together to make the program exciting and enriching!

Here’s what 3 different congregations had to say about their Day Camp programs with Ewalu this past summer:

  • “3 NEW families joined our church after saying they were so impressed with our Ewalu VBS!”
  • “All week long, we kept thinking ‘It’s got to be harder than this – what are we forgetting or not doing?’ but the Ewalu counselors really just made it so easy. Well done!”
  • “The various ways of praying were great… LOVED the songs. On Thursday, closing devotions were done at the town pool – GREAT way to show that prayer can be done anywhere!”

Cost of a Day Camp:

Congregations only pay $52 per camper for the week (compare to the cost of daycare). The minimum cost to assign a team of youth ministry staff is for 25 campers. If a camp vehicle is required, we also ask for mileage costs. Churches nearly always request camper families for a registration fee to sign up, which covers most or all of this cost. The cost includes:

  • Ewalu Staff Team (3-5 counselors for typical day camp sizes)
  • Daily transportation of staff to the church
  • Program materials (Bible studies, crafts, recreation equipment, etc.)
  • Administrative costs, such as planning any custom program elements

If you are interested in this unique partnership for VBS, please contact Ewalu’s Program Director, Emily Tull.  Day camps fill up quickly and are often fully booked by December. Call or email to find out available weeks remaining for this summer. 563-933-4700